A collection of related or similar research projects, online tools and websites. This incomplete selection is intended to aid you in further linguistic research.

Similar Research Projects

Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch The goal of the Old High German Dictionary (AWB) is to record the overall well preserved vocabulary of the earliest documented German from all available text-types and make it accessible.
Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Althochdeutschen Etymological Dictionary of Old High German (EWA) — Documents meaning, origin, cognates and development of the Old High German vocabulary.
Das Deutsche Rechtswörterbuch The Dictionary of Historical German Legal Terms (DRW) makes relevant parts of the legal vocabulary of the German language and other West Germanic languages from Late Antiquity up to the 19th century available online.
Goethe-Wörterbuch Goethe Dictionary (GWb) — On the basis of about 3.4 million references distributed over 93,000 lemmas, the GWb records Goethe's entire vocabulary in reference to all available documents and makes it available to the public.
Mittelelbisches Wörterbuch Middle Elbic Dictionary (MeWB) — Documents the dialect vocabulary of the Northern and central regions of Saxony-Anhalt in relation to meaning, articulation and linguistic geographical distribution, taking the sociologic structure and stylistic stratification into regard.

Data Collections & Encyclopaedias

DWDS Digital Dictionary of the German Language — An information system as regards the past and present of the German language, released by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.
Wörterbuch-netz Dictionary Network — Digital association of dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopaedias of various languages, including Old- and Middle High German as well as various German dialects.
Zeno A broad German-language full text library based on the series Digital Library, images of the Yorck Project and the German Wikipedia.

Etymological Dictionaries

EWA The web portal of the "Etymological Dictionary of Old High German" offers comprehensive information as regards word history and cognates of Old High German Lemmas.
MED The "Middle English Compendium" features information concerning derivation and meaning regarding the vocabulary of Middle English (1100-1500).

Dictionaries of European Languages

beluka German-Turkish dictionary
croDict German-Croatian dictionary Spanish and various other Europ. languages
focloir English-Irish dictionary
Ġabra English-Maltese dictionary
Geriafurch French-Breton dictionary
Glosbe A practical, broad dictionary featuring many Europ. languages such as Albanian, Basque, Gaelic etc.
Larousse French-German dictionary
Linguee Bilingual dictionary for Portuguese, Dutch and other Europ. languages
openrussian Russian-German Open-Source-Wiki
RAE Real Academia EspaƱola, monolingual Spanish dictionary
RUW Russian-German universal dictionary