The team behind DWEE

Project management

Project Manager Prof. Rosemarie Lühr has been a full member of the philological-historical class of the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities since 1997.
In addition to DWEE, as the initiator of several historical-linguistic research projects she also heads our partner projects "Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Althochdeutschen" (Etymological Dictionary of Old High German), "Normen- und Wertbegriffe in der Verständigung zwischen Ost- und Westeuropa" (Norms and Values in Understanding between Eastern and Western Europe) as well as other projects.
She has also been an honorary professor at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Phone: +49 36 41 - 94 43  88
Email: Rosemarie.Luehr[AT]

PD Dr. Susanne Zeilfelder is the head of the department and responsible for project coordination and documentation. Her scientific work includes the semantic analysis of the lemma words, the development of semantic field etymologies and individual word etymologies as well as the classification of the lemmas in the European context.
Her core languages are: the Southern German dialects, Northern Germanic, Latin, Greek, Hittite and Armenian.
Additionally, she teaches at the Institute for German Philology of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Phone: +49 36 41 - 94 43  84
Email: Susanne.Zeilfelder[AT]


Dr. Thomas Eckart has been enriching our team with his knowledge of programming and use of digital applications for linguistic research since March 2020.
As our developer as regards conception and implementation of modern online solutions for the acquisition and publication of our data, his extensive experience in the field of digital humanities is a great asset for the project.

Email: eckart[AT]

Ms. Ulrike Ertel (M. A.) has been a scientific and technical employee of DWEE since July 2007. The focal points of her field of activity are foremost web design and layout.
Next to the development of websites for other research projects and associations, she also works in philological annotation.

Email: Ulrike.Ertel[AT]

PD Dr. Britta Irslinger has been working with DWEE as a research associate since summer 2018. In addition to developing and completing our lemma articles, she examines the semantic change in the various semantic fields. She is also jointly responsible for the etymologies and the classification of the words in the European context.
Alongside Latin, her main languages include Celtic, Romance and Germanic languages.
She also teaches at the English Department of the University of Freiburg.

Phone: +49 36 41 - 94 43  87
Email: irslinger[AT]

Our project is supported by cultural scientist Christine Rains filling our database as regards the European context. She also assists the conceptual sector with input on navigation and user expectations.

Our IT department receives additional support from master's student Stefan Wegerhoff, who is working profitably on the project incorporating his specialist knowledge of web development, data visualization and semantic networks.

Former staff

We would like to thank the following former team members for their project work:

Mrs. Dr. Bettina Bock, Print and online editing
Mr. Dr. Stefan Lotze, team-development
Mrs. Dr. Sabine Ziegler, Print and online editing